Dear my cute blogger friend Ranii,

First of all, I want to thank to Allah, for give us a very sweet first time meet.  Do you still remember? you seat near me and give a very cute smile at me and my son. At that time, I was very excited to meet you because I can see that you are so delightful, charm and kind. The first gathering of Kumpulan Emak Blogger on Taman Koleksi IPB (Institut Pertanian Bogor) was unforgettable moment for me. Everything was first time for us at that moment. First time see each other closely, first time smile and laugh together, and also first time to have you became my new blogger’s friend in Bogor where we live together.

I still remember, how happy you are when you see my son. I can see that you also love children very much. You try to speak to my son ‘Alimikal’ (1 years old) and make him smile. Event you are still single, I think you will be a good mother oneday. You look very happy when someone take your picture, event you have a little confuse to make your own style, then you roll it over, you made it. I think you also like to be captured not as spontaneous. Style, Smile, Shoot, The 3S before take a picture. There you are…

The rain was heavy, but we still talk on and on till we forget to change our phone number. I pray to Allah, from that time we will be a very good blogger friend forever. I wish we would share the joy and sad moment and love each other better than ever. Hopefully..

Yeah, your black glasses. A piece of you that make me never forget you. You look like a ‘book worm’. I see that you also like reading thats why you have that cute glasses on you. The glasses was fit to you. Trust me…

I still shocked know you as a biker ladies. Honestly, I still can’t imagine how lovely or maybe its cool or dashing when you ride your motorcyle. A book worm in her cool motorcyle, beat the street! Waw… But, don’t forget to keep safety when you are riding motorcyle, okay dear? Remember ‘Safety first’ (please take a look at the picture below). I don’t want something bad happen to you dear, I do care about you too.

Last but not the least, I want to say thanks for every great moment we share together. We never know how long will we live in this world, but I always believe that ‘make a friend’ is part of live that bring us to health and wealth, insyaallah. If we have more time, let’s choose to make beautiful friendship.

Almost forgot, congratulations for your new home (private blog : Many good things hope come to you, wish you all the best aamiin. Keep fighting in writing, blogging and loving. We all know life is about process not only achievement. Event Maslow said that life is also about achievement, but I do believe that we have to love the process, I am sure you will be a great blogger when you spread goodness through writing.

With love,

Rodame MN

Kiri Dok. Facebook Ranii; Kanan Dok.

Kiri Dok. Facebook Ranii; Kanan Dok.

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