wellness wednesday challenge

I like eat, I like almost all food. For me there is only ‘delicious and very delicious’ food, and no food is worse. Food is just in our mind. Attractive food was not always tasty good but simple food sometimes tastier. In Indonesia there are many delicious dan healthy food. And this is my 5 healthy food that I always crave all the time :
1. Lalapan
People called it ‘salad’ but its a little different in ingredient because lalapan is not use mayonase but ‘sambal cocol’. In lalapan you can find kemangi (it is like Indonesia bassil) almost similar with general bassil. But it is smaller than bassil. Kemangi is good for your health because it can helped you from cough, fever, sore throat and other. You have to try it. There is also cucumber, cabbage in lalapan. If you like you also can add another raw food in it.
‘Sambal cocol’ is a little bit spicy for they who don’t like red chili. But for your information, it is also good for health if you eat it not too many. It has capcaisin inside, it can helped you from cold, liquefy the mucus that clogs in the nose and make you breathe with relief.
2. Sop Buah
I don’t know what people call sop buah. It is like fruit soup. Many fruit put into it like oranges, apples, grapes, passion fruit, mango, longan, rambutan (Indonesian fruit), avocado, kiwi, pear and other. I prefer the fruit soup sprinkled with lemon juice instead of milk. because milk makes too nauseated while citrus more refreshing. Everybody know that fruit is good for health, eat it many it won’t make you fat. The sweetness in fruit is natural its not the same with sugar from factory. So it is very healthy.
In Bogor, there are many delicious fruit soup sale. One of them is ‘sop buah pak Ewok’. If  you are in Indonesia, you have to try it. Go to Bogor and ask people that name, I think almost people in Bogor know it. Ask the teenagers, student college, they know it better than older people.
3. Pecal
Pecal or pecel is also healthy food. There are many vegetables inside but not raw its steam first. Beans, carrots, bean sprouts, spinach become one and then sprinkled with peanut sauce. It so delicious, I can eat it more and more.
4. Kolak ubi dan pisang kepok
Yams and banana kepok (Indonesia banana) cooked with brown sugar and coconut milk. I really like it. It also healthy food if you use brown sugar not refined sugar from factory. In Indonesia you called brown sugar with ‘gula aren’. Its produce from sugar palm. In many occasions include wedding, I see some Indonesian people still serve kolak ubi pisang as a dessert which is very good.
5. Bubur Kacang Ijo
This is my family’s favorite food, maybe people called it as green bean porridge. I also like add some brown sugar into it. And don’t forget coconut milk. Before you make green bean porridge, you have to soak it overnight, in the morning you can clean it first with running water. Soaking can make green beans become tender and more quickly when cooked. This point is very helpful.
Okay, that is my 5 healthy food that I always crave all the time, what is yours?
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5 healthy food